8 Best Insoles for Work Boots

There’s nothing as irritating and uncomfortable as investing in dazzling work boots then ending up being disappointed with insoles that hurt your feet.

Foot pain can be harmful to your lifestyle making even the simplest of activity like walking strenuous. When your feet have a small shape or you wear shoes that don’t offer sufficient support to your feet, your foot will be strained, fatigued and even worse, lead to health complications.

The energy you use on fatigued and hurting foot can be draining emotionally and physically making you to operate below your efficiency.

Having the best insoles for work boots are a necessary tool for your optimal performance, energy and productivity.

Our Top Picks for Best Insoles for Work Boots

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Powerstep Pinnacle Adult's Insole BlueSuperfeet Blue Professional-Grade Orthotic Shoe InsertsPlantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts
FEATURES: Antimicrobial top fabric.
*Semi-rigid arch support.
FEATURES :STABILIZER CAP: the rails reinforce the narrow cap to provide structure and supportFEATURES: LASTING COMFORT - arch support improves foot and leg alignment, enhances comfort, and helps ease stress and pain caused by flat feet (Pronation), bunions, arthritis, and diabetes

Whether you work in an environment that requires standing for exceedingly long hours or walking over long distances or heavy lifting and hard surfaces, apart from having the ideal work boots, ensuring that those boots come with the best inserts is a must. Superb work boots and inserts are the ultimate combination for exemplary foot support and comfort.

Today, thanks to advanced technology, the footwear industry has incorporated innovative technology with foot comfort and support to come up with different designs for inserts for work boots.

These new technologies consider a number of things in their designs serving the needs of different foot issues. Various footwear brands have assembled insoles for arch support needs including normal and medium arch support. Others cater for feet that need either high or low arch support. Others yet still have made insoles that have incorporated great technology for excellent comfort and support for your feet.

The skilled and equipped craftsmanship deployed by the different brands have also made insoles with memory foam fabric, others have used anti-microbial layers for moisture control and the elimination of odor. And better still, others make inserts for orthotic foot.

We have indeed made amazing strides in guaranteeing comfort and support that you no longer have to live with pain.

8 Best Insoles for Work Boots Insoles For Standing All Day

1. Powerstep Men’s Adult Pinnacle Work Boot Insoles

best insoles for work boots

PowerStep is a leading insoles brand manufacturer that combine balance, support and cushioning, giving you the perfect product for your feet. Its insoles are clinically proven for effective relieve of foot conditions. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

They’re fitted with EVA foam to help provide a double layer of cushioning thus enhancing the comfort of your feet.

They’re clinically demonstrated to boost foot function.

Design & performance

If your work environment is concrete floors or if you suffer from feet complications like plantar fasciitis, these are your insoles.

These are made with anti-microbial fabric which reduces heat and friction in your feet thus keeping them cool and dry and odor-free.

They have a semi-rigid arch support that is firm yet pliable and a deep heel cup that protects your feet thereby providing motion control while walking or running.

Powerstep inserts are the perfect orthotic insoles that help foot issues associated with plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, sore and tired feet.

They bear all arch types; from low, neutral and high arches. Also, they perfectly fit a variation of work shoe types with removable insoles.


  • They don’t fray even with daily use and there’s no need to replace them quickly as compared to other insoles brands.
  • They are perfect for plantar fasciitis.


  • They are too thin and may wear out quickly.

2. Superfeet Blue insoles, professional-Grade Orthotic Insert.

best insoles for boots

For over 40 years, Superfeet have manufactured insoles that put foot comfort and stability at its core giving your work boots and feet the ultimate performance. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Superfeet Blue insoles are stylishly thinner than other insoles combining comfort and support to give you final performance of your insoles.

These high-density foam insoles offer lasting comfort through cushioning and supporting the foot.

Design & performance.

They have a stabilizer cup that gives structure and support to the foot. Also, they have a heel cup which assists in positioning the heel to naturally absorb collision thus sheltering your feet from impact on surfaces.


  • Is shaped in a manner that biomechanically offers support to your feet right where you need it most.
  • Has organic, odor-control coating that naturally gets rid of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Takes up less space in your shoes.
  • Very suitable for those workers who are on their feet for an average of 10 hours a day.
  • The ideal insoles for those with low arches.


  • One has to beware of the sizing otherwise the upper part of your boots will become too tight once put in place.
  • They wear out quickly.
  • They are expensive.

3. Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Sport Shoes and Work Boots 

best insoles for women's work boots

Footminders are your paramount foot health solution footwear brand that encompasses years of biomechanical research, orthotic technology developed by podiatrists to give your foot the ideal support, comfort and cushioning for your feet. Click here to see today’s price Amazon.

Their products are design to correct the realignment caused by flat feet and relieve foot pain and muscle fatigue.

They are made with EVA foam fabric designed to give you solid but comfortable arch support and cushioning making them the best insoles for relieving plantar fasciitis.

Design & performance

These insoles have a deep heel cup to support your ankles guaranteeing stability to your feet whether you stand for long periods of time or walk for long.

Flat feet can cause overpronation of your feet, resulting in even more serious and complicated lower body health ailments like plantar fasciitis. These insoles control these impending dangers by providing biomechanical alignment of your lower body. See our reviews for best work boots for flat feet.


  • Firm arch support to your feet. Poor arch support is the leading cause of plantar fasciitis.


  • May be thick for some wearers resulting in slight discomfort of the foot.

4. Superfeet COPPER, Memory Foam Comfort Anti-fatigue Insoles

best insoles for work boots on concrete

Superfeet copper is designed with a memory foam fabric that is pressure sensitive, designed for your personalized comfort. This foam is constructed to adapt to the shape of your feet without sacrificing the support your feet needs as you walk, stand or run throughout the day. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

They are ideal for low and medium arched feet.

Design & performance

These insoles have a fortified stabilizer cup that provides structure and stability to your feet. Also, there is a deep heel cup that supports the feet especially for those who work at tough work environments and those who walk over long distances.

They are also fitted with organic odor-control that helps eradicates odor causing bacteria.

It helps relieve heel pain, plantar fasciitis and other foot complications.


  • If you have flat feet, these are your best insoles.


  • They fall apart quickly.
  • They are quite expensive.

5. Scholl’s WORK Insoles Absorption and Reinforced Arch Support that Fits in Work Boots

Scholl's WORK Insoles Absorption and Reinforced Arch Support that Fits in Work Boots

Since 1904, Dr. Scholl, the grandson of a cobbler, launched a trusted brand in the footwear industry that has since become a household name. They design stylish products with whole day comfort and support in mind keeping your feet energized and operating at their best. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Dr. Scholl’s have designed these insole s with a “magical”  advanced  gel that allows you to move more without stressing your feet on concrete or uneven surfaces.  Working on such surfaces can prove to be strenuous to your feet due to impact.

Muscle fatigue can keep you from living life to your fullest as it causes tired, achy and sore feet. It’s crazy if you have to work on your feet the entire day. With such complications and such a schedule, you can’t even move as you would want to as you will always be too drained off of energy to even look forward to another working day. Every morning that you have to wake up with muscle fatigue can really be a pain in the butt.

And so, Dr. Scholl’s have constructed insoles that take care of muscle fatigue and help you remain energized without worrying about arch support. When your feet are restful, you are more stimulated to perform. Plus, you will happily look forward to the next working day.

They are ideal for workers who work on their feet the entire day as they come with a responsive-wave cushioning.

Design & performance

These inserts are all about feelings.  Our feet are sensitive, with feelings too. Dr. Scholl’s, in designing and constructing these insoles put into consideration the sensitivity and feelings of the foot. And the result, an amazing product.

They are constructed with a “tough” texture to help absorb shock to your feet by reducing impact and muscle fatigue allowing you to be more efficient at work.

The responsive-wave cushioning at the ball of the foot is in addition combined with softer gel waves that give you cushioning protecting your feet. These gel waves give you all day excellent comfort that allows you to move around more.

They have extra forefoot cushioning that helps protect the delicate ball of foot.

As you move along your strides, these insoles give you excellent support with its reinforced arch support, reinforced construction and side support.


  • Easy to use. If your current shoes insoles are removable, simply replace them.
  • Allows you to stay on your feet longer.
  • Have cooling vents that keep your foot cool and dry.


  • They are thick at the heel area which may be slightly uncomfortable for some.

6. Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Insert 

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Insert

These insoles are professionally-grade with orthotic support, comfort and performance. Step on a pair of Superfeet and let your feet feel good. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Design & performance

Superfeet Green inserts are built with durability in mind, lasting to up to 12 months and covering approximately 500 miles.

These inserts have a stabilizer cup that function as the foundation of the insole that holds up the forefoot providing the necessary structure and support to the foot. It also has a deep heel cup, like other inserts, that offers great support and shock reduction.

For long lasting comfort, they have a high-density foam layer that cushions the foot. Also, it has a stabilizer cup for extra support.

They are fitted with a moisture wick with an odor-control that keeps odor away.

They have a biomechanical design that helps rectify pronation by cradling the heel and stabilizing the foot within the shoe. Also, it greatly helps with proper lower body alignment.


  • Excellent arch support.
  • Easy to use. Easy to get in and out of shoes.
  • Ideal for those who walk long distances.


  • Lacks multi-layered cushioning.

7. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole 

Timberland PRO Men's Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole 

Since 1973, Timberland, with its durability, protection and excellent craftsmanship, has always set new industry standards with its products and ever since, it’s become a global leader in the footwear industry. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon. 

Timberland has always recognized that footwear is an essential tool in the work place that enables workers to perform at their best and in comfort. With this in mind, in 1999, it developed the Timberland Pro as an addition to its other quality products.

They have constructed an excellent upgrade in comfort and performance with this anti fatigue inserts. By evaluating the dissatisfied needs of most workers who spend extreme long hours standing or walking, Timberland Pro inserts bring the utmost comfort and protection all day long.

Design & performance

This is the best insoles for work boots that we have seen and tried so far for weeks made by a trusted household name in the footwear industry. The unconventional design used in this insole reduces impact through shock-absorbing cones that constricts to maximize support thus reducing fatigue.

It’s constructed with a contoured foot design which gives support at crucial pressure points like the ball of the foot and heels.

They have an ortholite top layer; designed in open-cell foam that is breathable which provides moisture management with its moisture-wick through temperature regulation and comfort.  Also, they are fitted with anti-microbial odor control technology that eradicates odor, which is ideal for work environments that are hot where the feet sweat more.

Its contoured foot bed protects the feet providing ultimate support and comfort. Its strong arch design is constructed to adapt to all foot physiques.


  • Insoles are built with an anti-fatigue technology by combining geometrical and shock-absorbing invention that guarantees energy back to your feet and endurance the whole day.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • The best inserts in terms of comfort compared to other brands.


  • They are thick, which may make your work boots tight.
  • They are quite expensive.

8. Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet 

The Original Samurai Insoles - Plantar Fasciitis, Heel and Arch Pain, Flat Feet

Flat feet can make the simple task of walking or standing strenuous. It not only makes you miserable but also affects your productivity as it limits your mobility and in severe cases, affects your back too. It literally takes away the activities you take for granted. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Samurai, with its excellent team of craftsmen, designed this one of a kind insole to optimize the function of your foot. These orthotic inserts basically gives you your life back; offering you all the support and comfort you have been missing due to flat feet.

Design & performance.

Samurai insoles were invented by a leading podiatrist to address the main cause of flat feet so you don’t have to be limited in your mobility or work with pain.

They are modeled with a molded inner core that gives you the necessary support in all the correct places.

These are the best inserts if you work on hard floors such as cement floors and do a great deal of walking.

Say adios to tired, sore feet forever with these insoles.


  • They are the only OTC orthotic clinically proved insoles for flat feet.
  • Samurai insoles are slim and fit just perfectly unlike other insoles that need trimming to fit.
  • They have a flexible inner core giving maximum arch support guaranteeing ideal support in all the right spaces whether you are working on your feet the whole day or not.


  • They aren’t cushion fit enough like other inserts.

The key benefits for insoles for your work boots.

Insoles for work boots come in different variations and each design is assembled to give varying benefits to your feet.

In summary, having inserts for your work boots gives you the following benefits especially if your work entails walking or standing for long hours and if you have a history of foot pain:-

  • They provide relief from pain and discomfort caused by flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, overpronation and poor arch support.
  • They provide support and stability to your arch.
  • Those inserts built with memory foam help boost the reliability of your shoes and are specifically ideal for people who suffer severe foot pain and complications.
  • Orthotic insoles make a tremendous difference especially for those with flat feet as they automatically relieve your pain, giving you your life back, free of pain. You get back to doing the things you loved.

What to consider when buying insoles for work boots.

Insoles have become a necessary tool in the footwear industry and they are more than just support and comfort.

So, what should you consider before buying excellent inserts for your optimal performance and comfort?

  1. Breathability

If you are going to cover long distances walking or spend long hours standing, your feet are going to sweat a lot which will in turn make you uncomfortable.

Your shoe inserts should provide as much breathability as possible without sacrificing comfort and support. Thankfully, most insoles are fitted with moisture wick layers for moisture absorption and regulation. Others are built with anti-microbial odor layer that eliminates odor.

2. Durability

Most insoles are thin giving them a lightweight framework to avoid giving your feet unnecessary weight to carry in addition to your boots in your daily strides. This however shouldn’t deceit you into thinking they aren’t durable.

Most brand manufacturers actually make thin soles but with a combination of technology and designs like inner cushioning, extra padding and foam layer, making them durable.

As a precaution however, buy your insoles from quality, trusted and well-known brands because the markets are flooded with cheap insoles that do more harm than good and are also a waste of your money.

3. High ankle support.

Before buying insoles, know your specific foot needs. You can’t for instance look for arch support when what you actually need is metatarsal support.

Buying insoles that control the movement of your foot below the ankle can help prevent overpronation giving you the comfort you need. As such you should consider whether the inserts give high ankle support.

Arch support is crucial for people with flat feet and heel pain.  Insoles that give you firm arch support will protect your ankles and feet from unnecessary soreness and muscle fatigue.

4. Memory Foam.

Different brands infuse various foams in the construction of their inserts and you need to understand these foams, otherwise you may end up doing more harm to your feet.

Inserts with memory foam give the ultimate comfort and support to your feet.

Unlike other foams which fall apart when submerged in water, those with memory foam stay intact.

5. Unisex

Investing in unisex inserts is cost effective and works for a variety of work boots as compared to buying different insoles that are built for just specific work boots.

6. Gel infused technology

House-hold brands are incorporating the gel technology in their insoles to address the issue of muscle fatigue.

Gel infused technology in insoles allows you to move more without straining your feet on hard, concrete and uneven surfaces.

So, what insoles make the cut here?

It’s practically impossible to find insoles that have all these features in one but bottom line, go for comfort, support and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the best work boot insoles?

    1. Powerstep Pinnacle Work Boot Insole.
    2. Dr. Scholl’s Insoles for Women.
    3. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole.
    4. Superfeet BLUE Professional-Grade Orthotic Shoe Inserts 
    Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles. 
    5. Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Men and Women Shoe Inserts.

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