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Unless you have a white-collar job that requires you to sit in an office from sunrise to dusk, you need to switch your footwear from regular shoes to work boots. Designed for workers who stand, walk, and work long hours, work boots provide exceptional comfort and a high level of protection in a way standard shoes never can

At, we put different boots brands to the test to determine whether they live up to their promises. We take you from knowing nothing about work boots to choosing exactly what’s best for your type of feet and the kind of job you do. 

Latest Work Boots Guides

Best Work Boots for Mechanics 2022

Here’s the brutal truth about work boots: Most of them aren’t good enough for automotive mechanic jobs. They may be good for walking on concrete and first responder jobs, but…

Are Logger Boots Good for Concrete?

As the name implies loggers boots are used by people in the logging industry. However owing to their rugged nature, tough outsoles, breathability and waterproof property, they can be used…

5 Best Work Boots for Diabetics 2022

Being diabetic doesn’t mean you’re subject to die. You can mitigate the condition and live longer and healthier. And it starts by choosing the right work boots, in addition to…

Best Logger Work Boots 2022

If your job involves logging of trees, falling branches, and or climbing tall trees even when it is raining or snowy, you deserve thumbs high. Men and women who engage…

11 Best EMS Boots 2022

Medical emergencies require you to make immediate first response. But without the best ems boots for EMTs and Paramedics, you put yourself between saving the life of another person while…

Are waterproof boots breathable?

Getting waterproof boots that are breathable can be tricky. Because let’s face it, we all want a taste of both worlds. Waterproof boots enable you to work or walk even…

How Much Do Work Boots Weigh?

Regular and work boots weigh differently, with the latter being generally heavier. A shoe’s comfort level is significantly determined by the weight, particularly safety boots, so how much do work…

The Best Metatarsal Boots 2022

Work boots safety hasn’t always been a constant concept, although it’s possible to think that it has always been. And if you’ve ever looked into the sabots, you’ll agree with…

Best Boots Brands

danner boots

Danner Boots: The Complete Guide

If you need a pair of boots that can hold up really well, Danner is the best brand to consider. And here are some of the best Danner boots in the market.

rock rooster boots review


ROCKROOSTER work boots are quality footwear with affordable price. They are built with latest technology- like COOLMAX which keeps your feet feeling cool, dry and fresh for longer. Find out more.

Thorogood boots

Thorogood Work Boots

American-made boots always take the lead, first for their quality design and second for being the best performers.