How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Shoes

There are beautiful things to be said about our canine friends; they are loyal, joyful, and loving companions who also spice up our lives with fun tricks. However, while I can go on and on about the beauty of dogs, stepping on their poop sucks, so how do you get dog poop out of your shoes?

You can remove dog poop out of your shoes using different methods. These include WD-40, scrubbing, freezing, using sticks and grass. Additionally, you can use a washing machine, sun-dry them, a handheld steamer, or clean them with warm, soapy water and a toothbrush.

Most owners pick after their dogs, but others don’t bother doing so, which is rather inconsiderate of them. Therefore, it is paramount to know what to do in case the unfortunate happens.

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Shoes [11 simple ways]

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Shoes

Depending on the type of shoe, employ the following methods to remove dog poop out of your shoes. Most of the things you will need for these methods are readily available in your home, making them affordable, efficient, and convenient.

1. Use A Hose Pipe

This is the fastest method, and you only need a hosepipe to spray water on your shoe to remove the poop. It is ideal for various shoe types, including boots, flip flops, sandals, and sneakers, and it ensures you don’t touch the mess.

However, it may not be feasible if you do not have a hosepipe, water can ruin your shoe, or if it’s freezing outside.

Nonetheless, here’s what you will need to do:

  • Take off and place the shoe in an area you won’t have to clean afterward.
  • Attach the hosepipe to a water source, set it to low pressure, and gently aim the outlet on your shoe to remove the poop. You can use a scrapping tool or a stick to eliminate loose poop.
  • Put the shoe a short distance from you, and then jet spray it with water to get rid of the stubborn dog poop stuck in the treads.
  • If there is any poop left, remove it using a hard clothes brush or a shoe brush.

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2. Scrub The Dog Poop Off Shoes

If you can’t hose down your shoes, get an all-purpose brush you are willing to dispose of and use it to scrub the poop off. This method works, but you will have to deal with the odor more since it involves working a bit more up-close.

Scrub your shoe squeaky clean by doing the following:

  • Use a paper towel to remove the largest portion of the dog poop, starting with a dry towel then a wet one afterward.
  • Scrub the creases with a small brush like a toothbrush with dish soap, scrubbing the shoe away from your face. Do this in a sink or outside.
  • Rinse the shoe in a laundry room or bathroom sink if possible to wash away the loosened dog poop. Alternatively, clean the shoe using a wet paper tissue or towel.
  • Do this 2-3 times or as needed.
  • Disinfect and clean the sink.

3. Use WD-40

WD-40 is a multipurpose lubricant that comes in handy when you need to attend to various things in your home. These include preventing rust, fixing hinges, using it as a solvent for cleaning, and even removing dog poop from your shoes.

You will need to use paper towels or tissue to wipe off as much dog poop as you can. After that, put WD-40 on the area with poop and let it soak for some time or clean it using a cleaning brush or toothbrush.

This method works exceptionally on sneakers.

4. Use A Washing Machine

A washing machine is excellent for removing dog poop from most shoes apart from suede and leather. Moreover, this method saves you from touching the poop.

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Remove most of the dog poop with a stick, tissue paper, or a brush to protect your washing machine from odor.
  • Remove the laces, put the shoes in the washing machine, and set the temperature of water to either warm or cool. However, don’t use hot water to avoid damaging your shoes.
  • Once it finishes cleaning, take them out, then air dry them on a washing line. Avoid a dryer as it could ruin your shoes.

5. Freeze The Shoes

Dry poop is easier to remove than when it is still wet and soft, so freezing the shoes makes it easy to get the poop out. While some may deem this method unsanitary and unappealing, it’s highly effective.

Follow these steps to make the process sanitary and easy.

  • Insert the shoe into a ziplock bag and seal it tightly to ensure particles don’t fall into your freezer.
  • Put the bag into a vacant space in your freezer, if available, and let it freeze. The bacteria in the poop will not get to your food since low temperature doesn’t allow it to thrive.
  • Take the ziplock bag out once it freezes the dislodge the dried poop from your shoe with a blunt old table knife, stick, or any other scrapping tool. Do this before the poop softens.
  • Clean the shoe using water or use an anti-bacterial wipe to wipe down the shoe thoroughly. Allow it to air dry.

6. Dry The Shoe In The Sun

If freezing your shoe isn’t for you and it is not the winter season, consider letting your shoes dry out in the sun. This produces similar results to freezing, helping you remove the poop effortlessly.

Sun-drying dog poop also lowers its odor. Give the process sufficient time and ensure the side with poop faces up for the best results.

If your shoe has flexible soles, bend it to remove the dog poop.

7. Toothbrush with soapy, hot water

You can combine this method with others or use it separately to remove dog poop immediately. Pour enough hot water into a bucket or bowl with shoes to soak the soles.

Add regular detergent or dishwashing soap to create a soapy solution, then let the shoe soak in for a while. Afterward, brush the affected area with an old toothbrush, concentrating on the grooves and corners.

8. Sticks And Grass

This is low-tech, common that many people apply on the move, allowing you to keep walking or running instead of going back home to change your shoes. This is what you need to do to get rid of dog poop using a stick and grass.

  • Wipe the shoes on the grass to get out a lot of the poop. If the poop was your dog’s, you could scoop it using a pooper scooper afterward.
  • Clean your shoe’s creases with a stick, getting rid of the poop, but the outcome will not be perfect.
  • Wash or scrub the remaining dog poop using dish soap and a toothbrush or put it into a washing machine. However, ensure your shoes are machine washable.

9. Handheld Steamer

The popularity of handheld steamers is on the rise since it is excellent for cleaning different areas in your home. This device is great in breaking up grime and dirt and works well on hard-to-reach places like shoe grooves.

Despite being effective, it wouldn’t be a smart move to purchase a handheld steamer precisely to remove dog poop you stepped. This is unless you or your kids step on poop regularly.

Below is how to use a handheld steamer.

  • Put your shoe in a sink, outside, or place it on a towel to keep the place clean.
  • Remove most of the dog poop by scrapping the shoe using a stick or paper towel.
  • Clean the crannies and nooks using a steamer, but make sure you hold the shoe away from you. The handheld steamer disintegrates the poop pushing it out of your shoe.
  • Wipe the shoe with a towel to clean it.
  • Repeat the process as necessary.

10. Go To A Golf Course

You will find compressed air cleaners and shoe cleaners in nearly all golf courses. Therefore, consider visiting one if you step on dog poop while rushing somewhere and can’t afford to go back home to change shoes.

11. Take the Shoes To A Professional Cleaner

So you have tried all the above solutions, but your shoes still have dog poop stuck on them, or they still have an odor. In that case, hiring a professional cleaner is the way to go.

It is also a thoughtful choice if cleaning the shoes at home could damage them, or you merely don’t want to deal with dog poop. A professional cleaner will know the treatments and methods to clean your shoes, removing dog poop safely without ruining the shoes.

Ensure the reputation of the professional cleaner you pick is intact to guarantee the safety of your shoes.

How To Remove Dog Poop Odor From Your Shoes

You successfully removed dog poop from your shoes, but the odor still lingers. Now, you wonder what to do, considering the smell is enough to ruin your day and the joy of wearing your shoes.

Worry not; here is what you can do to have your shoes smelling fresh again.

a) Baking Soda

baking soda is renowned for absorbing odor, so put the smelly shoe in a bag filled with baking soda and seal it tightly.

b) A Natural Odor Remover

a natural odor remover can help eliminate the dog poop smell from your shoe. Therefore, put it on the shoe and allow the enzyme to act on the odor-causing stains.

c) Activated Charcoal

This is another excellent solution for removing odor. Leave the shoes next to charcoal activated filled bag for some days.

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Can You Put Shoes With Dog Poop In The Washer?

You can put your shoes in a washer to remove dog poop, but make sure your shoes are washing machine-friendly. It allows you to remove the poop without having to deal with the odors or risk touching the poop.
Set the temperature to warm or cool; don’t use hot water since it could damage the shoes, and air dry them instead of using the dryer.

Is There Anything That Dissolves Dog Poop?

There are things that can dissolve dog poop, such as Doggie Doo Dissolver, gardening/agriculture lime, enzyme-based dissolvers, and vinegar. Gardening lime is highly effective in dissolving dog poop, eliminating poop within some days.
On the other hand, vinegar does the job partially, while Doggie Doo Dissolver dissolves dog poop within a few minutes.


The suitable removal method you pick will depend on your shoes, preference, and urgency. For instance, you won’t have many solutions at your disposal if you step on dog poop while going to the office than when running or walking.

Since you cannot control other people, always walk carefully to avoid stepping on dog poop. Moreover, always scoop your dog’s poop to protect others.

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