5 Best Work Boots for Diabetics 2022

Being diabetic doesn’t mean you’re subject to die. You can mitigate the condition and live longer and healthier. And it starts by choosing the right work boots, in addition to keeping an eye on your diet and following your doctor’s advice.

When it comes to picking work shoes, you’ve to go for nothing but the best work boots for diabetics.

That means choosing comfort over style and flexibility over price.

Good-looking boots are good, but appearance doesn’t offer more value compared to the comfort you get if you wear breathable work boots with cushioned footbed.

So in this review series, we’ll look at only the best work boots that diabetics can wear for work.

Let’s get to it.

Best Work Boots for Diabetics

timberland women's white ledge mid ankle bootTimberland Men's Whitel edge Hiker BootsSeam-sealed waterproof construction keeps feet dry in any weather.
diabetic boots womensSkechers for Work Women's Workshire Peril BootsRelaxed Fit design for a roomy comfortable fit.
Removable gel-infused footbed with memory foam cushioning.
Irish Setter Men's 6Irish Setter Men's Work BootsPadding on the collar and the tongue delivers a memory foam like feel.
Dr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic BootsDr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic BootsBreathable material to regulate heat and keep feet cool and dry.

1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland White Ledge may be available at a reasonably lower price point. But make no mistake; the quality of the construction isn’t anything but up to par, with just the right feature set to enable persons with diabetic feet to use the pair without worrying about further risk of injuries. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

For the construction workers and the tradesmen who are looking for diabetic work boots, this is almost a perfect pair to wear on the go, especially given the standard comfort that they offer. The steel toe design is missing, and that’s okay because the softness makes them ideal for persons with diabetic feet.

Known for their unwavering approach to comfort, Timberland makes the White Ledge to be as comfortable as possible. You’ll love thick padding on the collar, ankle, and tongue, because it ensures a good level of cushioning that makes your feet feel at ease, especially in the days when you have to stand, walk, and work all day.

Many Timberland work boots for men do run true to size. That includes the White Ledge model. They won’t feel comfortable straight out of the box.  So you may need to break them in faster if you’re not too patient. The pair feels cushy once broken in and you can use the lace-up design to snug up for a better fit.

The sole unit of the Timberland White Ledge provides a great base. And the footbed should feel cushioned with every step you take. The brand includes its specialized Hi-Tec Altitude to the design, and this provides foot support and foot stability at the same time.

While the sole unit delivers decent level of traction on most surfaces, the rubber feels softer than vibram outsoles and therefore may wear out faster especially from regular use.

2. Skechers for Work Women’s Workshire Peril Steel Toe Boots

diabetic boots womens

You’re probably living under a rock if you think Skechers is only about memory foam shoes. They even make some of the most comfortable work boots for women who are diabetic. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Workshire Peril is a go to pair for women who’re looking for work boots that feel comfortable straight out of the box. With a footbed that flexes well with your feet, every step and the next should be very easy to take.

The upper is made of 100% durable leather triple stitched to one another. For a comfortable wearing experience, Skechers pads the tongue and the collar. And to ensure you get a snug fit, the lace-up design, which runs from the middle vamp all the way to the edge of the tongue, should get the job done.

We love the gel-infused footbed. It feels soft to the touch thanks to the memory foam cushioning. This, if anything, is a good feature for the diabetics who need extended comfort from a pair of work boots. Even the Relaxed Fit design allows you to get a better fit and walk comfortably all day long.

Something outstanding about Workshire Peril is its high level of breathability. By allowing airflow in and out,  diabetic women can keep their feet cool and dry especially on long shifts.

While the steel toe construction is a nice protective feature to have, you have to be very careful with how you bend your knees if you have diabetic feet. You don’t want to experience the “toe cutting” feel, which could cause foot pain further. So don’t bend your toes as if you’re wearing regular diabetic sneakers. Instead, keep your foot straight and leave the toe of the boot on the ground.

The rubber outsole is up to the standard, and therefore good enough for providing the traction and stability that you need to work better. Even the oil-resistance power gives you the ability to work in slippery environments without worrying about slipping or falling.

3. Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Work Boots

Wolverine Men's Raider 6" Work BootsWolverine Raider has been many men’s favorite thank to the durable design and comfortable feel. For the price, you get a pair of work boots for diabetics that breathes well. Not to mention that the pair is tough on the ground but goes easy on your feet. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

With design that echoes durability right from the start, what you get is a pair of boots worth the price point. Even with the leather having been imported, the classic design pattern is a clear emblem of what American made work boots should be like. With Wolverine Raider, you get more than what you pay for.

Let’s start with the obvious, the upper. It’s all leather build with pieces double and triple stitched together. The brown and black combination may not look as fashionable to the men who judge boots by their color. But they still look good anyway, able to blend with just about any work wear in your closet.

With a shaft that’ about five and a half inches from the arch, Wolverine diabetic boots does cover a better part of your leg. As such, it’s a good option for the workers that prefer relatively high boots to the standard models.

The lace-up design doesn’t run all the ways to the toe. And by the way, that isn’t something that you should expect from many heel and wedge work boots. Still, the lace design lets you achieve a snug fit in minutes.

While the eyelets are made of metals and highly likely to last for a very long time, it’s not with the laces. The laces will probably wear out in about four or five months give or take, but you can easily replace them for cheap.

The best work boots for men with diabetic feet are those that allow consistent airflow, which is exactly what you get from Wolverine Raiders. Thanks to the CK mesh lining, your feet can breathe and stay cool and dry throughout the day.

4. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boots

best work boots for diabetics

Even with many people claiming that the Irish Setter 83605 isn’t a popular pair of boots, it’s not easy to write off the kind of comfort that these work shoes deliver. And just to be clear, Irish Setter may not be as fashionable, but if you’re looking for diabetic work boots that can go easy on your knees, consider this pair. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

To begin with, the model features a leather upper with single stitching around the toe box and triple stitching on the side. The padding on the collar and the tongue delivers a memory foam like feel, which is especially helpful if you’ll be standing and walking for an extended period.

The lace-up design of these work boots is absolutely simple if you ask me. With only a pair of 5 eyelets to fumble with, you can get a snug fit fast. Of course, the laces aren’t that thick, but they aren’t weak either. Maintaining them by cleaning can go a long way to boost their durability before you itch for a new set of laces.

Since the Irish Setter features a waterproofing treatment, you can use them for work even in damp environment. Only make sure not to stay up for too long in the damp environment because the waterproof design isn’t as absolute. The breathability level is up to the standard, so your feet will remain cool and dry throughout your working day.

As old school as they may look the Irish Setter pair has a footbed that feels modern. At least the polyurethane footbed, which conforms to the shape of your feet, provides the comfort you need to get through your shift. Not to mention that it enhances your natural stride with every step you take.

The wedge sole design of these work shoes  gives you an amazing contact that you won’t get from many boot with heels. And given that they’re flexible, they make walking and working for an extended period easy. The only challenge is that the wedge sole isn’t nearly as durable and may need replacement after a few months. Despite the drawback, the sole unit provides better traction on hard floors like cement and soft surfaces.

 5. Dr. Comfort Men’s Boss Diabetic Boots

Dr. Comfort Men's Boss Diabetic Boots

When a footwear brand combines class and comfort in a pair of shoes supposedly to be for people with diabetic feet, the wow factor never misses from the picture. Dr. Comfort Men’s Boss are the kind of boots that give you that wow factor, given that it gives you the best of comfort and a classic look at the same time. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

The construction premise of these boots isn’t any different from that of the options that we’ve already looked. It’s made of leather that features double and four stitching, a lace-up design that moves from mid vamp all the way to the top of the tongue, and padded tongue and collar.

Dr. Comfort Boss isn’t a waterproof pair of work boots. However, they do feature a breathable mesh lining, which improves air circulation in and out, allowing your feet to remain cool and dry throughout your shift.

The footbed of the boots is comfortable and good to go. But if you feel like you can do better with a different set of orthotics, consider getting some from our guide on insoles for work boots.

Meeting every ground you step on is an oil-resistant outsole, which provides better traction on just about any surface that you step on.

Dr. Comfort Boss may appear slightly larger for some men. So try them out to find a size that fit. Going for half a size down can help with the fitting issue. Also, keep in mind that they won’t feel cushy straight out of the box. Give them a few days to start breaking in.

Turning to the outsole, the rubber construction is up to the standard for the price point. The lugs aren’t thick, but at least they deliver exceptional grip. And when it comes to traction and stability, these boots are quite generous in the area.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Work Boots for Diabetics

There are a few things that you need to consider before buying work boots for diabetics. They include:


Even if a pair of work boots look classic, they’ll be completely duff if they can’t breathe. Test the pair to ensure breathability is up to the standard. And only invest in the pair once you’re sure they can’t leave your feet drenched in sweat after a long day of work.


If a pair of boots isn’t comfortable for your feet, what’s the point of spending your money on the pair? Be careful to invest only in a pair of boots that go easy on your diabetic feet. That means picking boots that fit, break in fast, and feature a cushioned footbed with shock absorbing power.


The most important thing about a pair of work boots is not about how good they look but how long they can last. Choose a pair of work boots that feature solid construction so that you don’t go back to the buying board too soon.


If you live in arctic environment or work in environment with extremely cold temperatures, you should consider getting yourself insulated boots. They have a Thinsulate lining, which creates a barrier between your feet and the cold environment, thus preventing heat from escaping from your feet.