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Unless you have a white-collar job that requires you to sit in an office from sunrise to dusk, you need to switch your footwear from regular shoes to work boots. Designed for workers who stand, walk, and work long hours, work boots provide exceptional comfort and a high level of protection in a way standard shoes never can. 

At, we put different boots brands to the test to determine whether they live up to their promises. We take you from knowing nothing about work boots to choosing exactly what’s best for your type of feet and the kind of job you do. 

Latest Work Boots Guides

insulated work boots

Insulated Work Boots – For Winter & Cold Weather

When it comes to working in the extreme cold weather, regular boots won’t cut it. What you need is insulated work boots.

pull on work boots

Pull On Work Boots

If you want laceless work boots, boots with shafts raised above your ankle, and work like a pro, you’ll love this guide.

wedge sole work boots

Wedge Sole Work Boots Made in America

the ultimate guide to the best wedge sole work boots made in the United States of America.

Best Boots Brands

danner boots

Danner Boots: The Complete Guide

If you need a pair of boots that can hold up really well, Danner is the best brand to consider. And here are some of the best Danner boots in the market.

rock rooster boots review


ROCKROOSTER work boots are quality footwear with affordable price. They are built with latest technology- like COOLMAX which keeps your feet feeling cool, dry and fresh for longer. Find out more.

Thorogood boots

Thorogood Work Boots

American-made boots always take the lead, first for their quality design and second for being the best performers.

Latest Boots Tips & Info Articles

How to Clean Work Boots the Right Way

How to Clean Work Boots the Right Way

 In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to clean work boots the right way to make your work boots last longer while maintaining its non-vintage appeal.

How do you keep your feet from hurting when standing on concrete

How do you keep your feet from hurting when standing on concrete?

Did you know that standing all day on concrete could do a number on not only your feet but also on your lower back?

How to Get Rid of Foot Odor in Boots

How to Get Rid of Foot Odor in Boots Easily

I’ll show you how to get rid of foot odor in boots fast. In fact, these are exact same tips that I use repeatedly to make sure that my boots never smell. You can follow along and keep yours in the “smelling good” zone even if they’re not new. 

how to make steel toe boots more comfortable

Tips on How to Make Steel Toe Boots More Comfortable

Having steel toe shoes not only ensures your feet are safe but also ensure you are comfortable while working.

However, for the boots to offer your feet the needed protection, you need to know how to make steel toe boots comfortable.

What Is The Difference Between Steel Toe Boots And Metatarsal Boots?

What Is The Difference Between Steel Toe Boots And Metatarsal Boots?

The main difference between the two is that steel toe boots give you protection at the toe area. Metatarsal boots on the other hand, protect your entire toe area as well as the metatarsal. Additionally, metatarsal boots offer extra protection against heat and molten objects while steel toe boots do not.

Can Boots Cause Athlete’s Foot?

Can Boots Cause Athlete’s Foot?

Boots can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. If you wear the same pair of boots every day, your feet are more susceptible to infection because there is no air circulation which means that sweat remains on the skin or in between toes all day long.