What Kind of Boots Do Tree Workers Wear?

Tree workers, arborists, and tree care specialists need boots explicitly designed for the industry to provide comfort, durability, and protection, whether climbing trees or performing operations on the ground.

Tree workers require boots that offer support, stability, and traction appropriate for rough terrains. They also need the kind of boots that can protect them from sharp objects, debris, and dangerous equipment used in the trade.

Climbing Boots

Climbing boots are among the popular choices for tree workers.

A climbing boot typically features a lace-to-toe design offering a more custom fit, an essential element of a tree climbing boot.

Good climbing boots should be made from high-quality, durable materials to protect the tree worker’s feet from abrasive surfaces and sharp objects.

Two examples of the best climbing boots on the market include the ArbPro Clip N Step tree climbing boot and the ArbPro 2019 EVO 2.

Logger Boots

Logger boots are another common choice for tree workers seeking an appropriate work boot.

A logger boot offers enhanced traction, especially on wet, slippery surfaces. They are ideal for anyone doing tree work in different climates. Logger boots usually feature steel toes and shanks for extra safety and support.

Georgia Steel Toe Logger Boots are a leading choice for tree workers thanks to their abrasion-resistant outsoles, safety steel toes, and waterproofing membrane.

Chainsaw Boots

Along with logger boots and climbing boots, another kind of boot that tree workers prefer wearing is chainsaw boots. A chainsaw boot safeguards the tree worker’s legs and feet from dangerous chainsaw kickbacks.

A typical chainsaw boot will feature calf protection, a steel midsole, and a steel toe.

A pair of HAIX Protector Ultra Chainsaw Protection Boots is an excellent choice for tree workers who want a chainsaw boot. Its lightweight design and super-durable construction make it an industry favorite.

Choosing The Right Kind of Tree Worker Boots

Besides overall safety, tree workers look for comfort when choosing proper boots. Cushioned footbeds and appropriate arch support can help reduce fatigue and injury risks. Professional tree services know that proper footwear is just one important part of keeping their workers safe on the job.

In the end, tree workers should choose the most appropriate boot for their job duties.

For example, climbing boots are an obvious choice for tree workers who climb trees because of their superb grip and foot support. On the other hand, tree workers involved in ground operations might opt for something more lightweight, offering incredible traction and advanced stability, especially on irregular ground surfaces.

Chainsaw boots, logger boots, and climbing boots are the most common types of boots that tree workers wear. At the end of the day, the boots that a tree worker chooses should offer comfort, protection, and durability. However, they must be suitable for the task at hand.


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