10 Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots

We’ve analyzed dozens of best women’s motorcycle boots to determine what deserves the praise and what’s straight out a cookie cutter. And we can confidently tell you that when it comes to choosing what’s best for your next race, “looking before you leap” is the rule of the game.

Besides, if you want motor touring to be a lot of fun, aren’t the most comfortable women’s biker boots a safe bet? Of course they are.

Only the problem is:

Boots makers spoil you for so many choices that choosing the right pair the first time seem straight out impossible.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Because in this guide, we’ve put together a list of the highly appraised women’s motorcycle riding shoes that you can get right now to enhance your next riding experience.

Let’s get to it.

10 Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots 

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1. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Tegan Ankle Boot 

Best Women's Motorcycle Boots

Harley Davison’s first release of women’s motorcycle boots may have been a win for some and a trial and error for others. But the Tegan Ankle Boots are, no doubt, a big deal. With a durable stitching, solid leather built, and sturdy rubber sole unit, there’s no doubt you get a pair of boots that can ride and last. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Combination of fashion and passion aside, the Tegan crush it straight out of the box when it comes to comfort and performance. With a durable cushioning all around, a footbed that easily absorb shock, 12 eyelets for quick lacing, this is almost a perfect pair of motorcycle boots to ride and walk in all day.

Speaking of the sole unit, the rubber outsole and heel construction is so durable you’d think the price is a steal. The lugs are thick and uniform, and the structure of the soles feel a little rough after breaking in, which is good for giving you the grip and traction where your feet land.

The cement construction screams a quality build, and it sure deserves appraise for what it does. With too much pressure exerted on your feet the moment you begin to walk after a long ride, you need a sole mechanism that can handle the impact pressure with ease, which is where the cement construction comes in.

2. Harley-Davidson Amherst Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Women's Motorcycle Boots

The Harley Davidson Amherst models are as close to slip-on boots as they can get. So, if you want ladies motorcycle boots that are laceless, slide your feet in, and zip up for the next race, go with this pair. The pair isn’t as classy as the Tegan, but it copies the same comfort mechanism, making the pair not only ideal for motorcycle riding but also good for all-day walk. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Amherst’s upper is made of pure leather, which is the exact material used to design the Tegan model. With the shaft about 7 inches from the ankle, the pair covers the most part of your feet, allowing for easy warmth distribution.

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From a construction standpoint, the double stitched design makes the Amherst sturdy and durable. The upper attaches to the sole so firmly that you can log hours of motorbike ride without worrying about the sole detaching from the leather.

Instead of adding only one zip on the side, Harley Davidson makes them two. That’s an advanced lace-up system for you. With no eyelets and strings to hook and loop, the Amherst boots are suitable for women who want to slip their feet and get into the motorcycle-riding scene in style.

The sole unit is worth a mention, especially because it has a lug profile that makes walking on different surfaces possible. The pair is not slip-resistant per say. But given the level of traction the sole offers, you’d almost feel like they’re close enough.

These boots may not be available in any color but black. But that’s fine because you can pair them with any outfit and never feel out of place. Easy to wear and take off, thanks to the side zippers that make for easy on and off, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your feet into these.

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3. Ariat Women’s Motorcycle Boots 

ARIAT Women's Fatbaby Western Boot

A first glance at Fatbaby Western Boots will make you wish you had the already. They look so sleek and iconic, far different from many Ariat boots we’ve seen and reviewed in the past. In our eyes, it seems that Ariat’s goal with the Fatbaby Western is to get you riding in style, which is why they’ve combined elements of comfort and fashion in their right balance in the design. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

The upper of these western boots is made of full grain leather. And although the boots aren’t waterproof at least, they’re breathable boots to keep your feet cool and dry as you ride and walk.

Ariat’s 4LR technology isn’t something the brand includes in all of its boots. So it’s a sure plus that they’ve included it on this model. In particular, this tech is part of the reasons your steps feel more natural, because it adds to the level of comfort of the boots.

Every step you take when off the bike in these boots feels stable and consistent. That’s because they have a uniform tread profile that provides better grip and traction on most surfaces.

We do understand that appearance is an attribute that means the world to women. In fact, it’s downright one of the factors to look at when choosing a product. Ariat takes this idea and presents its Fatbaby in over 14 colors schemes, allowing you to pick a pair of ladies motorcycle boots that can blend well into your outfit.

4. Carlos by Carlos Santana Women’s Shiloh Motorcycle Boots

ladies motorcycle boots

You don’t need the most expensive women’s biker boots to ride your motorbike in style. Even Carlos Santana Shiloh, which are apparently the most affordable boots on this list, can get you riding, and turning heads, and even trending. Looking this good, you can mix and match them with them with almost any daily outfit. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Many motorists already concede that these boots are well built, thanks to the design that screams quality from a first glance. We’d forgive you if you think the faux leather is rather too fragile to hold up for long. Because, in the real sense, it’s so strong that it can protect your feet and survive multiple elements for months to come.

The boots’ outsole deserves appraise, not just for synthetic material but also for the level of construction. If anything, the synthetic outsoles are designed to last, so they should stand up to harsh floors for the longest time possible. The tread profile doesn’t just enhance your feet’s grip on the footpegs. It also gives you better traction when you have to walk away from your motorbike.

Moreover, Carlo Santana Shiloh boots are slip-resistant. So no matter the kind of floor you walk on or what object makes contact with the outsole, the pair will, unquestionably, keep you on your toes.

The interior, particular the footbed, is soft. The cushy feel you get when you slide your feet in these boots almost feels like you’re walking on some clouds. If anything, that means they’re comfortable enough to wear for an extended period, without worrying about blisters and hot spots.

5. Harley-Davidson Talley Ridge Women’s Motorcycle Riding shoes

Cheap Motorcycle Boots Women's

At this point, you’ve more than likely realized that Harley Davidson is the big dog in the motorcycle boots business. Even their Talley Ridge is a quality build that expresses the company’s years of creativity and expertise. And seriously, almost all of Harley’s boots are black in ‘complexion’, which, in our take, is the standard for many motorcycle boots. So you don’t actually expect Talley Ridge to be as iconic. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

What you can be sure about, though, is that the boots can perform really well. Wear them to a short ride and you won’t need to clean them. Put them to ruthlessly heavy use and they’ll stand up to the test. And if you leather them every once in a while with an appropriate conditioner, you won’t spot a leather scuff any time soon.

The quality of the build is the strongest selling point of these boots. When you test them for the first time, you’ll regret why you didn’t buy them sooner. The full grain leather upper isn’t too soft or too stiff; it has the feel that allows your feet to contour naturally to the boot while shifting.

Like many models in the brand’s collection, Talley Ridge features a well-crafted double stitching that holds different sections together. The lacing runs from the mid vamp all the way above the ankle, and this allows you to get a snug fit every time. The Velcro strap added just above vamp, about four eyelets from above the shaft allows you to get a better fit.

Then there are the zippers, two on a single boot. They make for an easy on and off and thus are ideal if you’re someone who doesn’t like to touch laces all the time. Just pull the zips down, slide your feet in, pull the zips up, and you’re ready to hit the road in style.

Talley Ridge wouldn’t be a cut above the competing boots in the women’s motorcycle category without the rubber outsole. Slip and oil resistant in design, they can hold up on any surface, allowing you to ride and walk on any surface no matter where your next tour leads you. And if you think about it, you need the rubber sole to be as less slippery as possible. That’s because when the roads get too wet and slippery to your bike, the boots can make a big difference.

6. FORMA Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots 

FORMA Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots 

If you’ve worn or seen the O’Neal New Logo Rider boots before, you’ll notice that it almost looks similar to FORMA Adventure. But they have a number of elements that set them apart from each other, the most obvious being that the FORMA isn’t as shouting in the colors department. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

The upper is made of pretty much the same materials used to design the other boots on this list. But FORMA takes its design even further by adding a special DRYTEXT lining while maintain its boots’ vintage persona. As if the breathable mesh lining isn’t enough to match up to FORMA Adventure’s asking price, the brand also goes as far as to add a waterproof liner to keep your feet from soaking as you ride your bike in rainy weather.

These are the only women’s waterproof motorcycle boots on this list that feature a double-dense rubber outsole. Since the sole is non-slip, they’ll grip the footpegs quite well and even make it easy for you to walk on various surfaces when you’re off your bike. Moreover, the sole features a replaceable APS footbed, which acts as a strong antibacterial agent that keeps odor away.

FORMA Adventure doesn’t include a lacing system in its design, and that makes them quite easy to wear on the go. If you’re a woman that prefers to go completely laceless, or you prefer the convenience of wearing boots with buckles, you’ll love this model. The three GH buckles, located on the sides of the boots, are durable, unbreakable, and easy to adjust. Simply buckle them up to your level of fit and you’re good to go.

There’s more to the cushioning of these boots than just the usual padding. Specifically, there’s an extra polymer padding with a layer of memory foam that gives you more comfort so you can get the most out of these boots every time you wear them.

7. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Becky Motorcycle Boots

Best Women's Motorcycle Boots

Harley Davidson Becky motorcycle boots are some of the best in the brand’s collection. If anything, many women have praised the pair for its quality and a higher level of comfort. And while they aren’t as stylish as the O’Neal New Logo Rider boots are, they’ll blend nicely into your motor-riding outfit. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

And there’s more.

To begin with, the women who’ve tested these boots claim that they’re too cool, with some agreeing that the price is unbelievably low for such a premium pair. With 12 eyelets, thick laces, and a zipper on the side, the lacing system is so simplified that it takes only a few minutes to get that snug.

The double and single stitched leather upper includes a breathable mesh lining, which ensures consistent airflow to keep your feet cool and dry as you ride your bike and walk around.

Don’t we just love how Harley Davidson invests its creativity and the right material for the sole unit? First off, the outsole is made of durable leather. And it’s standard enough to offer precise grip and traction. Interestingly, Becky is one of the few models in the brand’s collection that’s oil and slip-resistant, thanks to the Goodyear welt construction.

8. O’Neal 0325-705 Women’s New Logo Rider Boots

Comfortable Women's Biker Boots

The O’Neal New Logo Rider Boots are ideal for female riders who wouldn’t mind a combination of comfort and fashion balanced just in a sports footwear. Or maybe you care about looking good and somehow turning heads in the streets and you need boots that can do you that favor? The O’Neal New Logo Rider is a pair that can make the cut. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

These motorcycle boots are stiff for sure, but they don’t hinder easy shifting. They may feel a bit rigid and slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, but they become so comfortable soon after breaking in.

The four-buckle closure system of these boots is hard not to love. With no trace of an eyelet and no laces to loop in those holes, these are easy to wear for a ride and take off after the adventure. Simply slide in your feet, buckle them on the fly, and you’re ready to hit the road.

O’Neal presents the New Logo rider to you in different sizes. To be precise, you can order from size 5 to 12 depending on your feet’s size. That’s quite too many option, so here you have a chance to own some sleek boots regardless of the size of your feet.

We recommend O’Neal New Logo rider because they’re the most comfortable women’s motorcycle boots. The model’s air mesh interior keeps your feet cool and dry, and it ensures some form of breathability no matter how tight you’ve bucked your feet. Apart from the cushioned insoles that provide comfort and support as you ride your bike, the boots have injection molded plastic plates ready to protect your feet from all kinds of impact.

Moreover, the design includes a leather heat shield, which is quite handy in protecting your feet from heat damages. Moreover, you can even ride your bike in rainy or inclement weather in these boots because they’re waterproof boots.

9. Dr. Martens Leona Boot 

Woman motorcycle Riding boots

Dr. Martens Airwair cushioning technology won’t make you feel like you’re walking on the clouds. But they’ll provide an excellent layer of comfort to get you riding and walking all day. These are available in smooth black vintage and butterscotch Orleans, so if you don’t care about colors that much, the pair should be just fine. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

From a design standpoint, using a variation of stitching to make the Leona was a sound decision. They implemented a triple stitching where it could fit best. Not to mention a single stitching where you don’t expect too much pressure on the boots.

Even someone who knows little about a footwear persona won’t fail to notice just how thick the sole unit is. Made of pure rubber, and connected to the upper with a single, orange stitch, the sole feels sturdy, flexible, and stable. Stable because it doesn’t slide away as you ride, flexible because you can equally walk and ride in them, and durable because they’re made to last.

There’s more to the sole of Leona than just its thickness. The tread profile is thick and uniform, so there should be better grip and traction on different surfaces. Because they’re slip-resistant, your feet won’t slide away if the footpegs of your motorcycle are slippery.

10. HARLEY-DAVIDSON Women’s Bostwick Fashion Boot

best women's motorcycle boots

Harley Davidson takes its creativity a level higher with the Bostwick Fashion Boots. They’ve nailed the design well, placing it a cut above many competing models in the footwear market. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Like the rest of the model in the Davidson women’s motorcycle boots collection, the Bostwick features a well-built rubber outsole that hold the footpegs firmly, so you never have to worry about your feet sliding away even when riding at top speed. The sale sole unit features a uniform tread profile, which provides better grip and traction as you walk.

The upper is made of a full-grain leather, and it is triple stitched for sturdiness and flexibility. The connection of the leather to the sole also features a good stitching, so the boots should perform well for a long time no matter how often you use them.

Again, no lacing system to deal with here; no eyelets included, and no unnecessary laces to deal with. Harley Davidson uses its YKK locking zipper to make Bostwick easy to put on and take off. Of course, these aren’t slip on, as the shaft is about 15 inches from the ankle. So you have to unzip them for easy wearing. The side buckles, three on each side of the boots are handy when you need more snug, although how tight or loose you’d want them to be is entirely up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of motorcycle boots?

HARLEY-DAVIDSON, Alpinestars, Forma Boots, are some of the best brands of motorcycle boots.

Why Do You Need to Wear Motorcycle Boots While Riding?

There are many reasons why it’s important to wear motorcycle boots, from expressing a stylish look to feeling cool when people look at you. But primarily, you want to wear these boots for two things: comfort and protection.

Remember, you won’t just be using your hand to accelerate. Your legs have to do some work on the footpegs too. So make sure the boots you buy aren’t too stiff to hinder easy shifting. Also, make sure they have better traction so they don’t slide away when you need them to do the most work.

Lastly, choose best women’s motorcycle boots that can provide as much protection from heat as possible.